Day 3: May 9th


Today has been a pretty enjoyable day - and an easy one.

I have baked a nice loaf of bread (it turned out delicious), I have researched into gifts for my mother's up and coming birthday and I have perused the web and youtube.

Thinking about it, I haven't actually done that much today, other than sitting around.

Have a nice day,

Finlay McGeough

Day 2: May 8th


I have had a rather productive day today in comparison to others - I have baked fresh homemade pasta - which I will post the recipe at the end of this blog, I have completed some more of an OpenUniversity course and I have watched some programs on VE Day.

I also burned a Swedish log - although I would not recommend it as ash flows around you constantly


200g pasta flour
2 medium eggs

In a large bowl, add your flour and create a hole in the middle
In the hole add your eggs, and whisk the eggs with a fork, while moving a little flour into the egg at a time
Knead the dough into a stiff ball
Let it rest for at least an hour
Roll and cut up your pasta

Have a great day,

Finlay McGeough

Day 1: May 7


           I am starting this blog to inform people what I get up to during my time in social distancing (staying at home.) Which I hope can help others, or keep them entertained.

Today I have further customised my room (and browsed amazon for ideas) and read some news articles about the popular chain Debenhams closing some of their stores.

I have also completed two OpenUniversity courses for free (to take up some of my free time) and earned a certificate of participation in both BioFuels and Children's Rights, a very diverse choice.

I hope you all are doing well,

Finlay McGeough